Educational Process

Here, in the Mersey Valley School of English, we see our prime task in teaching our students to be effective communicators and accurate language users. When we say effective communication, we mean the students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills developed to a high standard of an educated native speaker. An accurate language user is seen by us as a fluent speaker with the clear Received Pronunciation, wide vocabulary and profound understanding of grammar structures who is able to competently apply this knowledge to various life situations such as further education, working career or everyday needs.

Academic programs are designed considering the key points of English language competence mentioned above as well as “The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” and ESOL Examinations requirements. Any of the Mersey Valley School of English curricula you choose gives you a professional support to achieve a high level of English language proficiency. 

Our school follows communicative approach in teaching English and competently uses a wide range of the latest methods and innovations in teaching English as a foreign language. Alongside traditional classroom teaching, our teachers offer task-based and small group activities, project and pair work, individual researches and many other student-friendly language learning tools.             

Sample of a week studies:



from Monday to Friday



Arrivals / Departures, accommodation, welcoming activities, school introduction

Lessons: module 1

Half-day or full-day tours and excursions, or cultural / social activities




Lessons: module 2


Lunch time


Task-based activities or Lessons: module 3


Free time or task-based activities


Project work or Lessons: module 4


Cultural and social school events